Customizable reflective designs for a safer outdoor lifestyle.

Questions you asked about our high visibility designs

On how many places should I apply my designs?
We believe you should be seen from every angle when you are moving. This is why you should apply our designs in multiple spots in a 360° fashion. What do we mean by this? Be visible from all four sides of your body to enhance your visibility. The front, both sides, and the back. From head to ...

Can my designs peel?
If they were applied correctly, following our detailed instruction guide, then your designs should not peel. BUT If you see a corner come loose (friction area or after the wash), just re-iron for 15-30 seconds and you are set. 

How long will the application last?
It depends on the type of fabric you use, how you wash your garment and where you placed your designs. The better you care for them, the longer the transfers should last. 

Should I wash my clothing differently after application?
We suggest you wash your clothing inside out. Use the cold cycle and avoid using the dryer if possible. The dryer can be used, but it might affect the longevity of the design and its application. You can also follow the cleaning instructions on your clothing label. 

Can I put my clothing in the dryer?
Yes, the dryer can be used, but it might affect the longevity of the design and its application. To make your design last, hang your clothing to dry.

Can I iron over reflective designs after washing?
Yes, it is safe to iron over the design after they are washed as long as the heat does not exceed the medium ( two dots) setting.

What clothing can I use?
You can use our designs on almost all of your everyday clothing. We have applied designs to garments made of 100% cotton, cotton blends, 100% polyester, cotton/poly blends, Lycra®/Spandex.

What clothing should I avoid?
Do not apply transfers to
 garments with a double layer; a down liner; a dust, water, or stain repellent material; or clothing with a prominent texture.
The heat doesn't transfer well because of the thickness and texture. It can damage the feathers in down garments. The textures and patterns of knitted materials will show through your reflective designs.

What is the perfect heat setting for my iron?
We suggest that your iron be set to medium heat or setting #2. DO NOT use the steam setting on your iron.

What is the time of application?
Be sure your clothing is flat and moisture free.
60 seconds is the ideal time to attach the transfer to your garment. Maintain even pressure when you are ironing. Peel the transparent plastic off after 5 seconds. After that, your design should be successfully transferred to your clothing. 
For thicker materials like jeans or a dog leash we suggest you add an extra minute after you remove the heat resistant plastic.

What surface can I use?
We suggest a stable surface
, such as a table. Ideally, a wooden table. Avoid granite: it does NOT hold heat well. An ironing board is good, too.

What if parts of my design don't transfer during application?
If applied properly by following the instructions in our guide, your design should transfer perfectly. If part of your design doesn't transfer a 100% and stays on the sheet, lay the transfer back down and iron for another 15 seconds.

What reflective material do you use?
We use only the best and most trusted reflective material currently on the market, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material, which is used by firefighters, EMS, and most trades that require on-the-job visibility.

How does the reflective material work?
Retroreflectivity helps the eye perceive objects in low-light conditions when illuminated by light sources such as car headlights, motorcycle lights, flashlights, and even streetlights, among other types of light. Watch the video on 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material.

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