What you should know about our reflective product

To extend the lifetime and success of your Noktillu design application,
we suggest that you wash your clothing inside out, avoid putting it in the dryer,
and follow any clothing label instructions. The estimated lifetime of your design application will depend on the frequency of use of your garment, 
the placement of the design on your garment, and the amount of friction on the area of application.

Noktillu Lifetime and safety

While we know that our reflective products will enhance your overall visibility, no reflective product can ensure visibility under all possible conditions.
Actual visibility and the distance at which the designs can be seen will vary depending on the following factors: 1. Weather. 2. Driver skills.
3. Road conditions. 4. The amount of reflective material on your garments.


We cannot guarantee our product in all situations. It depends on wear and tear, aging, improper use, cleaning, care, and application on heavy use areas of clothing. Please let us know what doesn't work. We strive to continuously improve our product.