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Noktillu reflective designs in the media.

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Noktillu reflective decals for customized gonna-be-outside-in-low-light clothing and accessories

Workout Gift Guide. The best stuff for your sportiest friend's carefully curated gym bag. Noktillu reflective designs – let you easily customize your favourite gear to kick up your visibility in low lighting conditions. Read the article.

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reflective designs and safety gear on CHCH

Noktillu reflective iron-on designs will keep you visible and fashionable at the same time. There is an easy way to be seen outside with reflective designs that will keep you visible and fashionable at the same time. Watch the video

- Global Morning -

Parenting and safety expert Care Sinclair shared some safety tips for parents and homeowners this Halloween. Watch the video.

- Rogers Daytime Ottawa -

The importance of reflective wear at night. We had the amazing opportunity to show and tell all of Rogers Daytime viewers in Ottawa why we founded Noktillu. Showing our unique, reflective designs, the applications on a variety of material and how easy they are to apply onto the clothing you already own. Watch video.

- Your Morning CTV -

Noktillu, a new company creating cool, effective reflective iron-on decals for backpacks and clothing making the walk for your children to and from school safer. Noktillu reflective iron-on designs was proud to be a part of the back to school edition on the  CTV Your Morning show, where our product was featured among many. Because our mornings are already getting darker and fall is around the corner. We want to help and make sure our children get to school safely and are visible walking to school and during playtime. Watch the video (2:30-2:46)

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The perfect gift for: Kids, dog owners, runners, your friend who wears camo winter jacket after 5PM. Noktillu (nokt: nocturnal and illu: illuminate) are reflective iron-on designs you can apply to your everyday clothing. Helpful for when you're out for a midnight, or 5:30 p.m., stroll. Read more. 

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Globe and Mail Reflective Iron on Decals

A new Canadian company has a solution to keep dog walkers, joggers, and cyclists safe after dark. Noktillu offers reflective iron-on designs that can be applied to your existing everyday clothing. The stylish designs are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material, which is used by EMS, police departments and firefighters. With multiple patterns such as stripes, flowers and hearts, Noktillu is ready to be added to everything from backpacks to dog collars and running pants, making wearers more visible and less vulnerable while they're enjoying the great outdoors. Read more 

Glory Online - 

Canadian brand Noktillu shows just how fashionable road safety can be. 
A line of reflective designs that adhere to clothing to keep consumers both safe and stylish while performing activities outside — knows this. Noktillu’s reflective designs and patterns can be ironed in 60 seconds onto anything. Noktillu is as versatile and unique as every Canadian who will use it. Committed to keeping Canadians safe as they live their best life outdoors, Noktillu will brilliantly ensure that you are seen and protected, all while keeping your personal style. Read more

- Suburban Tourist -

Product Review: The stuff works – there’s no question about it.
My number one key takeaway for this Noktillu review is that it’s super easy to apply to your favourite workout clothes. My overall feedback is that the stuff works – there’s no question about it. It reflects nicely in the dark. But what I really wanted to test was how easy it was to apply to my shirt.
It’s not necessarily just for runners and cyclists. It can be anybody who walks a dog. Kids and people going to and coming from work or school. Skateboarders. You can also be hiking in the woods or camping and need something like this. Imagine if you get lost – having Noktillu may even help in having somebody find you in the dark. So it’s something that many people can find helpful in keeping them safe. Read more

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Noktillu, a new innovation that helps makes traveling easier.
Great for outdoor adventure – you can customize any jacket, shirt. Make yourself safer and more visible when site seeing abroad. For those who don't want the regular reflective gear and be different using flowers, dots, or a Canadian Flag. A great was to be seen while travelling. Look for video called ways to make travelling easier (1:10). Watch the video

Macaronikid -

Essentials for winter walking! Who says safety gear has to be ugly and outrageous? We love that Noktillu has created reflective designs that we can quickly add to any outfit in our closet using just our iron, instantly increasing our visibility while walking. Read full review

A Creative Way To Stay Safe And A Great Last Minute Gift! I can’t wait to put them on my clothing.  I am going to put some of the snowflakes on my winter hat because I think that will be so pretty, plus it will keep me safe. If you have a runner, jogger, or anyone that wears clothing (haha) on your Christmas list, these will make some great last minute gifts. Read full review