How a new idea was born

About reflective iron on designs form nokltillu and how the idea got started

I became worried about not being seen when sharing the road with others on my daily walks while wearing my regular, everyday clothing, especially during rush hour and between dusk and dawn when we are most vulnerable. I live close to a school, so I realized that children, cyclists, and dog lovers (like me!) were having the same challenge.

Nothing seemed to fit my style or personality. Using my 25 years of experience in design, I began to create and test, wear and wash, change, and share my designs with friends and family. A new idea was born! I called it noktillu.

Noktillu are highly effective reflective iron-on designs for your everyday clothing. Customizable and easy to apply, they're well suited for commuters and outdoor lovers—no matter what gender, age, or activity level. Noktillu comes in a wide range of designs that will help you become more visible. Anyplace, anytime, anywhere.

We use only the best and most trusted reflective material currently on the market. Our product is made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material.