Be seen during your outdoor workout with reflective designs from noktillu

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evening walks made safer with reflective designs from noktillu

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visibility made fashionable with reflective designs from noktillu

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increase your child's outdoor visibility with reflective designs from noktillu


Add an extra layer of protection during your commute with Noktillu

Noktillu | Reflective Designs | High Visibility Outdoors

Create a more visible you with Noktillu.

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Reflective designs from Noktillu in the news.

Workout Gift Guide. The best stuff for your sportiest friend's carefully curated gym bag. 
Noktillu reflective designs – let you easily customize your favourite gear
to kick up your visibility in low lighting conditions.

CHCH Hamilton
There is an easy way to be seen outside with reflective designs
that will keep you visible and fashionable at the same time.

Global Morning TV
Parenting and safety expert Care Sinclair shared some safety tips
for parents and homeowners this Halloween.

Rogers Daytime Ottawa
The importance of reflective wear at night. 
Unique, reflective designs you apply on clothing you already own. 
Unique, fashionable and easy to apply reflective designs.

Your Morning CTV 
Noktillu, cool, effective reflective iron-on decals.
For everyday clothing making the walk for your children to and from school safer. 

The Globe and Mail 
A new Canadian company has a solution
to keep dog walkers, joggers, and cyclists safe after dark.

Glory Online
Canadian brand Noktillu shows just how fashionable road safety can be.
Reflective designs and patterns can be ironed in 60 seconds onto anything.