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Feel more protected with reflective designs from Noktillu

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What others say ...

"Noktillu is ready to be added to everything from backpacks to dog collars and running pants, making wearers more visible and less vulnerable while they’re enjoying the great outdoors." - GLOBE AND MAIL 2019

"Canadian Brand Noktillu Shows Just How Fashionable Road Safety Can Be and one of the only Canadian brands currently offering beautiful and intricate designs that complement your current wardrobe year-round." - GLORY MAGAZINE 2019

"My number one key takeaway is that it’s super easy to apply to your favourite workout clothes. The stuff works – there’s no question about it. It reflects nicely in the dark. But what I really wanted to test was how easy it was to apply to my shirt." - SUBURBAN TOURIST 2019

Noktillu's reflective iron-on designs, a new and effective way to customize your favourite clothing and accessories and be more visible doing what you love. Anyplace, anytime, and any wear.

Reflect your style and be seen.

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